Rectified tiles are ceramic or porcelain tiles that have been precisely cut and finished to achieve a more uniform and precise size and shape. During the manufacturing process, the tiles are first baked and then cut with a diamond blade to create perfectly straight edges and sharp corners. This process removes any imperfections, ensuring that each tile is exactly the same size and shape.

Rectified tiles are typically used in modern and contemporary designs where a clean, streamlined look is desired. Because they are so precisely cut, rectified tiles can be installed with very thin grout lines, creating a seamless and uniform surface. This can give the appearance of a larger and more spacious room, and also makes the surface easier to clean as there are fewer grout lines to collect dirt and debris.

It is important to note that because rectified tiles have sharp edges, they require a skilled installer who is familiar with the installation process. Additionally, it is recommended that rectified tiles be handled and installed with care to prevent damage to the edges.


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